Computer to Screen Plate Machine

SPP (Smart Positioning & Plate-making) equipment includes 2 elements, position indicating and CTS (Computer to Screen plate). Objective of this equipment is to find a solution for register screen printing to offset printing. SPP makes it easier to match the accuracy of register. First to scan the real printed sheet, then make a new plate on CTS according to the real position of the image. So final screen plate can match offset ideally. Accurate position stamping/embossing dies against real position on sheet. Adapt to all type of honey comb chase smaller than 3b size. Visual position on screen with referance. Easier operation. Much faster than traditional way. Accurate position: +/- 0.2mm

Modell TC-SPP II
Max. screen size 1200x1000mm
Min. screen size 300x300mm
Screen thickness 20-40mm
Imaging system DMD
Laser unit 15W
Wavelength 405nm
Focal length Automatic focus control system
Resolution 1200-2540dpi
UV glue thickness 2-50um
Data interface Ethernet
file format One-bit-tiff
Working condition Temp.: 18-26℃;


Power AC220V, 50Hz,3Kw

TC-800SM scanner

In order to correct the parallax of the traditional industrial lens, the scanner adopts a telecentric lens design. The telecentric lens is based on its unique optical characteristics: high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion, and unique parallel light design. Bring a leap in quality to visual precision inspection.