Offset printing in-line inspection

Efficient detection ability to capture all offset printing problems

Product Characteristics

  • The software is easy to use, fast modeling, wizard settings, intuitive user interface
  • 100% real-time 1:1 distortion-free detection can under any speed (consistent horizontal and vertical resolution)
  • Efficient detection capabilities can capture all offset printing problems (simple, easy to use, powerful)
  • Different detection accuracy can be set in different areas, which can provide more detection flexibility
  • Independent tiny character detection module, which can detect tiny characters individually
  • User authority level, which can manage various quality setting authority
  • Defection report. File up the product inspection report with images which shows defection.
  • The advanced blowing and flattening system prevents the paper from flicking. The air volume can be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper
  • Label insertion, coding, feeder stopping and other defective product handling solutions which can meet different customer requirements.
  • The combined light source is used to meet the detection of different materials such as white cardboard, art paper, gold and silver cardboard, etc.

Technical Specification

Max inspection size 1040mmx720mm
Paper Thickness 60~400g/㎡
Max inspection speed 15000 sheets/hr
Adaptable paper types cardboard, art paper, aluminized paper and laser paper, etc.
inspecting resolution 0.126mm x 0.126mm
imaging precision Area ≥0.1mm² (contrast ≥30)
Detectable printing defects Ink fly, ink spot, dirty spots, white spots, insects, drag marks, oil leakage, oil stains, poor registration, color difference
Defective  handling method Sound and light alarm, label insertion (continuous defect: label insertion at the beginning and end, random defect: label insertion for all), coding, feeder stoppage