SPEEDTURNER® 2020 – powerful and efficient –
The new generation for turning, airing, aligning and jogging.


with airing (1 blower), pressure control flaps, jogging, electrical air volume regulation at the control desk, slewable control desk, adjustable aligning gauge, tilting (10° und 15°)


additional blower, enlarged opening height up to 1750 or 2000 mm, ionised air, catwalk, telescopic control desk for enlarged opening heights, centering device

Platforms with special measurements can be offered on request

Model SEH 125 RLA
Max. sheet size 800x1200mm
Max. pile height 1350mm
Min. pile height 650mm
Platform width 1250mm
Platform depth 900mm
Carrying power 1200kg

The minimum pile height will be higher on machines with enlarged opening width.


At drupa 2016 we have showed the new generation of pile turner based on the well known SWH series. The machines convince through

  • further development of the airing functions
  • and ease of operation

For 40 years BUSCH designs and delivers best quality Pile Turner. The sophisticated and continuously developed machine improves the printing process and speeds up the finishing process of printed piles. The new SPEEDTURNER® generation brings the pile treatment to perfection – associated with increased ease of use and an appealing design.

The further development of the airing functions expands the range of processing possibilities for challenging materials at printing houses and for the paper and board converting industry:

  • Tilted position for airing and aligning
    either 15° or now also 10° (especially for thin materials) selectable at the control panel
  • Individually controllable air nozzles
    move solely within the paper sector of the pile due to new sensors
  • Air nozzles move with increased speed
    to the paper edge for starting the airing process
  • New air nozzle movement for special papers (sensitive material):
    recurrent forward and backward movement (2:1) for multiple airing of one pile section
  • Latest programmable logic controller
    SIEMENS-SPS SIMATIC S7-1200 allows automatic sequences for airing and hydraulic functions

Ease of operation:

  • New aligning gauge,
    which adapts to the pile height automatically and can be put also between the platforms
  • Platform handles
    facilitate the manual 180° rotation of the turning unit in horizontal position