Die-Cutting Machines A/A+P/AL



Standard equipment includes 5 adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders.

Once the material (square-cut sheets) is inserted and the protective plexiglass door is closed, the cutting stroke is activated – on model A by closing the protective door manually, on model A+P a push-button control closes the door pneumatically.
On model AL the cutting stroke starts when the electronic safety light barrier is activated.

Release of cutting stroke

A: by closing the protective door manually

A+P: by pneumatic push-button control

AL: by safety light barrier

Model   A A+P AL
Max. die-cut size mm 180×180 180×180 180×180
Min. die-cut size mm 17×17 17×17 17×17
Max. stack height
(height of cutting die 60 mm)
mm 200 200 200
Die-cutting pressure kg 2,500 2,500 2,500
Die-cutting strokes max. p/min 11 13 15
Max. machine output
(feeding 1.000 sheets, label paper 80 gsm)
sheets/h 660,000 780,000 900,000
Weight kg 570 575 575