Cold Foil and Cast & Cure System (2013)


  1. Cast & Cure
  2. Hybrid printing effect
  3. Gloss and matt effect
  4. Imprint plus coating
  5. To combine flexo and offset printing to create various effect.
  6. UV coating
  7. High glossy pearl effect
  8. Cold foil

This system includes:

  1. Mabeg Feeder
  2. Grafix UV system
  3. IR heating system
  4. Powder remover
  5. Harris & Bruno chamber blade coating system unit
  6. Cast & Cure/Cold foil position system
  7. Two printing units(One unit before coater and the other unit after cold foil unit)
  8. Control panel remote inking system

Technical Details
Basic equipment: 2x printing units、1x coating unit、1x Cast & Cure unit
Max. sheet size: 720×1040 mm
Min. sheet size: 360×520 mm
Max. printing format: 710×1020 mm
Speed: 15000 sh/h
Plate size: 820x1050x0.3mm
Stock thickness: 0.06~0.6 mm、90gsm~450gsm
Max. film width: 1030 mm
Max. film dia.: 420mm
Max. film length: ≈5500mm(OPP19-21μm)
Blanket size: 845x1060x1.9mm(incl. plate holder)

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