KBA RA 142-5+L ALV CX (2003)

Year: 2003

Impressions: about 148 mil.

Condition: in production


Machine Control:

• Control Unit: ErgoTronic with ColorTronic Ink regulation device
• Measuring system: Densitronic S


• Feeder type: KBA high performance stream feeder

• Non-Stop Feeder


  • Number of printing units: 5x
  • Number of coating units: 1x
  • Coating unit with chamber doctor blade
  • Plate changing: PWVA (Full Automatic Plate Change)
  • Washing device: Varidamp
  • Ink temperature control


  • Delivery type: extended High Pile delivery (2,600 mm)
  • Non-Stop
  • Powder device: WEKO AP 260
  • Powder exhaust