As part of the implementation of BOBST’s new strategy in Taiwan, BOBST 4.0 Seminar was held in Taipei on May 17.

The audience of Taiwan converters attending the BOBST seminar

Creating new opportunities for Taiwan’s converters and brand owners

  • Nearly 100 packaging & printing convertors attended BOBST 4.0 Seminar
  • Taiwan clients showed keen interest in BOBST 4.0 Strategy
  • Successful technical, product and service presentations for Taiwan clients
  • Joy Printing demonstration gave more Taiwan clients the opportunity to see BOBST machines running on site

It proved an overwhelming success. With more than 80 Taiwan packaging and printing converters, along with leaders from the major industry associations and media representatives, approximately 100 people attended the seminar. They heard technical presentations from BOBST’s die-cutting, folding & gluing, tooling and Service experts and learned an enormous amount about BOBST’s innovative technology, expertise and cutting-edge products. They were also able to visit Joy Printing — which, relying on all BOBST’s best equipment, is a reference plant for BOBST in Taiwan.

In 2018, BOBST launched its new strategy for Taiwan. It committed the company to deliver tailored solutions for the dynamic and highly competitive Taiwan market, helping clients reach their goals in Taiwan with BOBST’s unique know-how and technology. To better communicate information about BOBST 4.0 strategy, Bobst Shanghai attended TIGAX 2018 and showcased two of its new folder-gluer and die-cutter innovations. Their reception among Taiwan clients was nothing less than enthusiastic.
“The packaging & printing industry in Taiwan is very special. It is famous for great levels of efficiency, high quality and furious competition. Due to geographical location, history and culture, convertors in Taiwan have particularly exacting requirements about set-up and job-changeover times, as well as specific constraints about space, productivity, efficiency, versatility and product quality,” said Mr. Cyril Ruiz-Moise, General Manager of Bobst Shanghai.

In his opening speech for the BOBST 4.0 Seminar, he emphasized that, “BOBST can meet all these requirements perfectly. We launched BOBST 4.0 strategy, with our twin commitments of ‘Proximity & Performance’, not only to be closer to our clients and to better understand their needs, but also to deliver them the most appropriately performing equipment to help them achieve their goals. These include our star products for the Taiwan market, SP 106 SE die-cutter & MEILONG folder-gluer, together with more solutions for automation, fast job changeover and smaller and smaller production runs. Other improvements include the Strengthen Taiwan Service team with more technicians and a new tariff structure for service and spare parts to enable clients to get even more performance from their BOBST machines. All this is crucially important to BOBST and serves to further strengthen its market position in Taiwan.”

Yung-Lung Chen, President of Taiwan Printing & Machinery, Material Industry Association & Joy Printing said, “The die-cutting, folding-gluing product, technology and services from BOBST are always at the leading edge of the packaging & printing industry. All of which not only goes toward shortening preparation times and making the finished product much better, but also reduces costs significantly.”

Subsequently, BOBST experts gave a fascinating introduction to the technology and products of die-cutting, folding & gluing, as well as service products and tooling.

After the presentations and technical exchanges, participants were taken to Joy Printing for a site visit. Serving as a reference plant for BOBST in Taiwan, Joy Printing is a dynamic enterprise, featuring high-speed development, which specializes in excellent printing products that provide complete pre-press, printing and post-press services. Its dedicated employees strive to make clients’ experience with Joy Printing go beyond just satisfaction with regard to high-speed printing, package printing, commercial printing, special printing and plastic card printing. At present, Joy Printing runs a number of BOBST converting machines, including SP 106 ER, SP 106 SE die-cutter, as well as MEILONG, FULONG folder-gluer & COLLECTING TABLE. The attendees watched the on-site demonstration of SP 106 ER, SP 106 SE die-cutter and MEILONG folder-gluer. They were, in particular, greatly impressed at the changeover speeds and high productivity and quality demonstrated.

Jimmy Chen addressing the audience

“In recent years, price increases for raw materials, the continuous increase of environmental protection requirements and changes to the consumer model, have generated more exacting requirements for the packaging & printing industry in Taiwan. However, under the impact of the economic downturn, the packaging & printing industry finds itself in a dilemma, caught between industrial migration and digitization,” said Akio Peng, General Manager from another leading supplier of printing & packaging machinery. “In such a complex and changing environment, BOBST 4.0 seminar will comprehensively improve the efficiency and process standardization of die-cutters and folder-gluers in Taiwan, as well as the future development and potential of the packaging & printing industry.”

At the end of the seminar, clients in Taiwan were very satisfied with the BOBST event. “Designed to ensure equipment and machinery is kept in the best condition and to maintain the optimum production levels necessary to meet the needs of the packaging & printing industry today and in the future, the seminar — delivered by product and service specialists — has been carefully developed to enhance clients’ technological and industrial expertise,” said Ricky Zhao, Service Director of Bobst Shanghai. “Meanwhile, being able to increase an operator’s knowledge of a machine enables them to have a deeper understanding of their role in the whole production process and therefore enjoy a greater sense of fulfilment in their job.”

In the future, Bobst Shanghai looks forward to hosting more similar events. Beyond the machinery itself, training and service support are often overlooked but are absolutely vital to ensure optimum benefits are delivered by a new installation. That is why BOBST places such focus on delivering specialist support to its clients, working together to achieve their long-term vision.

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This article is quoted from: Bobst Media Center