Window Patching Machine for Cardboard Packaging
– for largest blank sizes, highest volumes at highest speeds, open and versatile

Our window patching & lining machines are very easy to operate and to maintain and are made for high stress conditions. Besides the basic version we offer more than 20 different designs always suitable for various operations and multipley expandable.

The basic machine includes:

  • New servo technology for the timed belt feeder
  • All cylinders are driven directly by servo motors
  • Glue unit with separate drive
  • Input and automatic adjustment of carton relevant dates are made via a large color operator interface panel
  • Storage of more than 4000 carton data for repeat orders is possible
  • Advance and retard of the stereo cylinder to the carton is carried out from the operator side
  • Right/Left adjustment of the stereo cylinder is carried out from the operator side even with 2-stream operation
  • Max. 4-up operation possible
  • Larger size ranges for 2-up and 3-up operation
  • Micro-fine adjustments of board to glue and foil position whilst machine is running
  • Online maintenance via modem worldwide
  • Up to 2 streams possible
  • Operator friendly
  • High production quality
  • Minimal change-over times due to computer control
  • Computer-driven production control system with automatic adjustment
  • Maintenance free drive concept
  • The machine is accessible for adjustment and maintenance work
  • Infenitely variable delivery speed by separate drive
  • All-purpose due to the ability to add extra modular devices


New high-speed belt lifting system decrease carton damage and increase optimal blank spacing at high speeds, servo driven with automatic speed compensation.

Our quality control system allows zero defective cartons to the customer:

  • double sheet control
  • missing foil control
  • missing sheet control
  • jam-up detectors at all machine positions
  • signalling and automatic kick-off
  • machine data readable by PPS systems

The single roller glue unit with doctor blade and side dams allows the operator to put the glue only where it is needed. This small area of glue will not dry out in production. Clean-up is very quick. The glue unit slides out on tracks. Glue pads are made off line on a make ready table. Stereo mounting the foil is used to mount glue pads on and then the foil clips onto the stereo cylinder. These stereo blankets can be saved for future jobs.

The program for the SPS control developed by our engineers controls and protects all machine functions:

  • Automatic setting program of all quality control systems
  • Suction belts drop in case of missing cartons
  • Adjustable timed vacuum for feed belt
  • Large production display
  • Rate display in carton per hour
  • Rate display in carton per minute
  • Easy operation by multi function display
  • Indication of security units
  • Picture displays for set-up
  • Online user manual
  • Picture displays for faults
  • Many other functions
  • Special feeder for special cartons
  • Bag-in-box device for forming and sealing of inner tubes
  • Continuously or intermittend running length cutting and perforation station
  • Timed profile knife unit
  • Photo-electronic register control for the converting of printed rolls
  • Punching & scoring unit for windows glued over edges, coming from rolls or as pre-cut blanks
  • Pre-feeder for cartons
  • Handle applicator
  • Special pneumatic unwind unit for big rolls
  • Non-stop splicer
  • Special unwind with rotary cutting units
  • Electronic production controls
  • Automatic stacker with transfer station
  • Many other functions

Normal window

Continuous perforation

Intermittent length slitting

Form slitting

additional option „Rotary profile knife station“

Pre-printed foil

Inner lining

Sealed inner tube

additional option „Tube forming station“

Bag-in-the-box coming from the reel or as a blank

Carrier handle and/or tear strip

Scoring with punch-out coming from the reel

additional option „Punching & Scoring unit“

Scoring with punch-out

Inner partition placement