SPEEDTURNER®– powerful and efficient –
For turning, airing, aligning and jogging.

SWH 180

a unit for turning only but without airing, jogging and aligning gauge


Pressure control flaps (the pile is not compressed), enlarged opening width for higher piles up to 2000 mm


with airing (4 air jets, 4 blowers), pressure control flaps, jogging, electrical air volume regulation at the control desk, slewable control desk, adjustable aligning gauge, tilting (15°)


enlarged opening width for higher piles up to 2000 mm, ionised air, catwalk, telescopic control desk

SWH 180(RLA)-Special 

for sheet format 1300 x 1800 mm due to enlarged platforms

SWH 180 RLA (200) with catwalk and telescopic control desk

Model SWH180, SWH180 RLA
Max. sheet size 1220x1650mm
Max. pile height 1600mm
Min. pile height 760mm, 830mm(RLA)
Platform width 1800mm
Platform depth 1235mm
Carrying power 1900kg

Note: The minimum pile height will be higher on machines with enlarged opening width if equipped with RLA features